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Asbestos Management

We pride ourselves on supporting clients to manage asbestos effectively and to comply with current asbestos legislation.

An Asbestos Policy should be devised to provide the foundation for asbestos management within an organisation's infrastructure, accounting for all employees and others. The policy should incorporate the following:

  • A policy statement
  • A compliance strategy
  • Asbestos data
  • Individual or collective personnel responsible for the management of ACMs

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 requires all duty holders to identify ACMs and materials presumed to contain asbestos within their premises.

An effective Asbestos Management Plan must be devised and implemented in order to manage and monitor ACMs.

We can prepare management plans to the specific requirements of our clients, which establish an effective and robust management system that complies with the duty to manage asbestos.

The management plan includes:

  • Asbestos management statement
  • Summary of duties under The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations
  • Personnel responsibilities
  • Re-inspection and monitoring arrangements
  • Passing on of information
  • Monitoring and reviewing the management plan
  • Schedule of ACMs
  • Asbestos Training